The Path

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The foundation of Jesse’s teaching rests upon the concept of “Pathworking.” The “Path” as Jesse refers to itinvolves individual exploration of one’s own soul, and immersion into one’s own heart-space. Both the heart and soul can be understood as metaphorical ideas to describe levels of existence that cannot be placed in words. Typically we understand the word “soul” to be an emanation of what we would call the universal source or divine intelligence. Divine intelligence or whatever name you choose to call this awareness is as a light that shines through a crystal, fragmenting its own nature into an array of color.



We are in a metaphorical sense, those colors that make up the collective understanding of what we could call “God”….we have both individuality and a collective identity just as we are all individual humans yet one human race at the same time. We are both individual souls or “sparks” of that great intelligence, with our own independence, yet we are still of its very nature and are of the same substance of that essential light. Our “hearts” would be what call the “inner most chamber of that elaborate labyrinth we call “soul.” Just as the electricity that powers your home has incarnated through the circuitry of your home as well as mine, without taking

on a different name in spite of its geographical separation….we are of divine origin regardless of whatever name we call that divine life. The path of heart and soul recognizes that what we call “heart” is actually the center of our being..the threshold of human and divine consciousness as it meets with our human incarnation.

We often struggle through life in our attempts to reconnect with some form of transcendence–which is a healthy urge. But what many of us fail to realize is that the key to happiness is found in our connection with a possibility or a reality that’s bigger than our current objective- our current plans–and even our present incarnations. And once we re-connect & re-member with that reality…from that reality… the cord that extends from it to us-propels us both forward and inward-back to the core of our being, in order to help us to see our lives from a more expanded perspective.

……This work is an expression of my soul…from the innermost chamber of my heart. Thank you for visiting and I hope this body of work helps you to reconnect with your soul-whether you acknowledge this philosophy or not, we all are journeying The Path of Heart and Soul–may yours be filled with light.           ~J.

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