Archetypal Mythology Revisited

Explore ancient wisdom and spiritual philosophy, psychology, and esoteric science through a reinterpretation of mythologies from the ancient past. Discover how you can apply this ancient wisdom to your life today and access latent powers that are waiting to awaken within your innermost being.

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Examples of Herbal Practices, and other psychological practices using precious stones (crystals), meditation, and other techniques. Combined with active imagination, creative fiction, & ritual, creative ritual has a magical and psychotherapeutic affect on the soul. They can inspire hope, courage, & build self confidence by utilizing the imaginative faculties.
The Heru-Em-ahket as known to the Ancient Egyptians, or the “Sphinx” to the Greeks. The Ancient Egyptian name translates as Horus on the Horizon.

Examples of Candle Magic, and the Philosophy of Tarot, explored in the Western Mystery Traditions.

     My name is Jesse Eugene Herriott. Over the last 15 years of my life I’ve had the opportunity to explore the inner mysteries of the world’s mythologies and spiritual philosophies. I’ve had the pleasure of examining the spiritual traditions of West Africa, of Ancient Egypt, the inner sciences of Vedanta, various schools Buddhism, Tantric Taditions, Kabbalah, variations of Theosophy, Christian Metaphysics, New Thought, Thelema, Western Occultism, and many others. Over time, my work has evolved into an exploration of the interplay of the fields of psychology, the Western Mystery Tradition, the Esoteric Philosophies of the East, and the Inner Sciences of Ancient Africa. In the spirit of the ancient past, I am a lover of wisdom, which helps me to create new & build upon existing maps of the inner life utilizing existing systems created by the world’s spiritual philosophers. In the traditions of Western psychology, I am trained as a psycho-educator, which means I get to apply principles from psychodynamic and psychoanalytic traditions in public lectures and classes to help others process trauma & find new meaning in life after experiencing major life changes. And as an explorer of the mythological and esoteric traditions of the world, I’m trained to apply theological and mythological interpretations that helps others reconnect with their own inner life & chart a map through the experiences of everyday life. In short, I’m a teacher with a variety of research interests, and I’d like to help you on your spiritual journey. If you’re feeling the call, click on the contact tab to catch an upcoming Facebook live. For a more for a more academic bio, click on the about tab.

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Through the exploration of rich symbolism from cultures around the world, both ancient and modern, discover how the archetypal myths, rituals, motifs, and practices from around the world point to the meaning of life & the truth of who you really are.

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To join in a class, you can email me here or send me a private message via FB messenger and you’ll be sent an invite. You can also catch one of my public Sunday Morning lectures by following me on Facebook. At the present time, all sponsored lectures by local spiritual centers are virtual due to Covid-19 Restrictions.

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