“The being that we call God is bigger than a person we pray to, it’s a metaphor, describing a transcendent reality that is still yet a space within our hearts we pray and live from.”    

Like many teachers before me, I have spent a great deal of time trying to both make sense of what we call the immanent and transcendent and I’ve found that by praying “to” God our actual intent is to get centered in God-this Universal, but natural flow of the essence of life itself which comes up out of the human expression & the human experience. We don’t need to become more spiritual-our goal is to become a fully-awakened human, aware of the fact that we are the embodiment and expressions of life itself. To borrow from Joseph Campbell, all of our lives are mythic tales of heroes and heroines, Gods and Goddesses and it is up to us to define what that means for us in our lives and in the lives of those we impact. And to be honest, you don’t have to be “super” to be a hero, and you don’t have to turn stones into bread to fully embody the gift that life has given you-which is its own nature. What will be said of each of us is that we all lived our lives so full of passion, and inspiration-regardless of our mistakes, that those who walked with us were able to glimpse the divine essence of life itself, working with us-through us-as us at times. I’ve found the saying to be true that sometimes the only God that you and I will see, is the God principle expressed through you and me. In my own personal journey to discovery, I’ve found that the Kingdom of God isn’t a place, it’s a space within our own hearts. And it’s not an airy-fairy idea, governed by stringent codes that’ll cause you to be dammed to eternal darkness if you violate them, because the God I am referring to is a metaphor for the love, beauty and compassion and wonder of the universe. . May this very same life-giving presence that is found at the threshold of the human experience, guide you on your personal journey to fulfillment: 

love and light:

Rev. Jess



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