Where is there?

Where is there? I'm honestly not sure of where "there" is myself, but I am told that when I get "there" I will find it. Quite recently I found myself back in a private search for there and I wasn't quite sure where to start, so I turned to my regular meditation practice. I stepped… Continue reading Where is there?


In reaching for certainty I have sometimes found more uncertainty that I would hope for. But this too can be a sign of growth even when it may seem a bit disheartening and unsettling. Uncertainty can have a sort of stability to it when you become used to it being there. Do we have to… Continue reading Uncertainty

A Brief History of Psychoanalysis-Freud, Breuer, & Klein

The difference between psychoanalysis and psychotherapy can be said that psychoanalysis looks at the unconscious, while psychotherapy works with what we are conscious of. Now this isn't 100% accurate, but from a layman's perspective, this may be the easiest way to draw a distinction between the two techniques. Today, we tend to view psychotherapy as… Continue reading A Brief History of Psychoanalysis-Freud, Breuer, & Klein