Purchase Anyone of Jess’s Lectures via this 13-disc CD collection

Click on the Image to Order any of my lectures given at spiritual centers around the world…..


Conscious Lectures Flyer

*No more games….no more secrets….find out
what all of the master’s have known all along…

Simply Choose from any of the titles below and when you place your order, send me an email via the contact form below to confirm the title associated with your purchase.


*Note, your donations are not used frivolously. For every dollar you donate, the funds are used in order to continue the work of this ministry through the purchasing of equipment, blank recording disks, graphic design software, and other overhead costs associated with maintaining an online ministry. Please know that this ministry could not be possible without your support..since we are not an island unto ourselves. Your assistance helps to awaken the consciousness of the planet, one person at a time. …..Thank you….Rev. Jess


Lecture Titles


Everyday Mystic

The Thread of Ariadne

Discovering the Power Within

Finding Your Spiritual Path

The Magic of Everyday Life

The Hero’s Journey


Our Search for Significance


Spiritual Economics

Wherever I Go…E-Go’s



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