Check out some recent reviews by those who have been touched by my work:

Per Rev. John Strickland, Spiritual Director of Atlanta Unity and former VP of Association of Unity Churches: 

“Jesse Herriott is a powerful, positive spiritual leader. He has life-transforming ideas that make a difference in my life and in the lives of all those he meets.” Rev. John Strickland    

Deb Hirner: Artist at Yaya Paint Retreats: 

“We have enjoyed having Jesse teach at our Unity Spiritual Life Center of Central Georgia numerous times. His energy and spiritual direction has always been a source of inspiration to all who have listened to him. He would be a tremendous asset anywhere his personal journey leads him. He has tremendous knowledge and insight into spiritual growth, and can illumine the way for all. It has always been a blessing to have him visit our Unity family and for me personally, I would listen to what he says every week if that were possible. The simple way that he explains makes it easy for anyone to understand how to get further along on their personal spiritual path. He is talented, intelligent, personable and has a tremendous amount of knowledge to offer. He is very versatile, and has so many fortes. Anyone who takes the time to learn from him will be truly blessed. My highest recommendations to him for making a difference everywhere he goes.”   


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