Learn to Channel based on our technique. Sign up for our 4 week intensive and let Jess work one on one with you and we can guarantee you will find your soul’s voice….release your soulspeak….and find your flow. Channeling isn’t about some of the craziness that you’ve seen online. It really is about getting in touch with your soul…..understanding your soul….and getting comfortable being in that space. Our approach is specifically designed with the “householder” in mind…..someone that’s not afraid to engage their soul and is still willing to be accountable to life. A true demonstration of your spirituality is expressed when you can be who you are and hold onto your light while working and toiling to make a better life for yourself and your family. This is what our work is about. We don’t teach escapism. And there are not tickets to bliss. However, you can find p-e-a-c-e……..the kind of peace that doesn’t rock you to sleep, but keeps you conscious of your inner worlds of subjectivity and the outer worlds of effects. KNOW THYSELF is a wholistic phrase, which includes having an inner knowing & relationship with your own soul….and having an active sense of agency through your attempts to help make this world a better place. 


4 weeks……4 classes……$25.00 Per Class/Session. 

     Open enrollment begins today. Reserve your spot by selecting one of the payment options below. You can Pay for your classes individually as you go along, or you can pay for all 4 classes at once.  

Package 3: $500.00 USD
Pay for Classes Individually               $25.00 USD
Package 3: $500.00 USD
Pay for all 4 Classes $100.00 USD

Once you’ve selected your payment option for the class, simply fill out the form below to reserve your spot.

Since you will be working one on one with Jess, you have the option to select the time that works best for your schedule, but seats are filling up fast………reserve your spot today!

Th-Ankhs for your Support!

In Maat, Jess.


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