The Path

The foundation of Jesse’s teaching rests upon the concept of “Pathworking.” The “Path” as Jesse refers to it, involves individual exploration of one’s own soul, and immersion into one’s own heart-space. The word “soul” can be described as an individual incarnation of what we would call the universal source or divine intelligence, LIFE with a capital “L..I..F..E…” if you will. It is an individual drop of the ocean better known as “GOD.”

jesse herriott unity

We often struggle through life in our attempts to reconnect with some form of transcendence–which is a healthy urge. But what many of us fail to realize is that the key to happiness is found when we get back to self… what’s simple….what has always been closer to us than the next breath….SOUL

And once we re-connect & re-member with that reality…from that reality… the cord that extends from it to us-propels us both forward and inward-back to the core of our being, in order to help us to see our lives from a more expanded perspective.

……This work is an expression of my soul…from its innermost chamber, which I refer to as my “heart.” Thank you for visiting and I hope this body of work helps you to reconnect with your soul-and find your heart. Whether you acknowledge this philosophy or not, we all are journeying The Path of Heart and Soul–may yours be filled with light.           ~J.jesse-photo.jpg


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