Weddings and Ceremonies

Weddings, Holy Unions, and Commitment Ceremonies*:  We are pleased to offer wedding services at any location you desire,

jesse and groom and bridejesse-and-groom-5.jpg

All of our ceremonies are planned with the couple so that the ceremony fits who you really are, not what some canned, standardized wedding or commitment ceremony thinks you should be.  All of our services include unlimited ceremony planning meetings, premarital counseling if desired by the couple, wedding rehearsal, ceremony, and reception attendance if you desire it.  There is no church membership required, and we gladly perform wedding ceremonies for couples with children or any other special situation!  We also are happy to perform renewal of wedding vows or other anniversary celebrations!

Our wedding services begin with our Ceremony Planning Guide, a booklet of over fifty pages of sample ceremonies, sample vows, and sample readings (both biblical and non-biblical).  Using the booklet as a starting point, we integrate whatever materials you wish to use in your ceremonies into a seamless presentation of the love you share.  Our wedding officiants are experienced professionals, well skilled at keeping you relaxed on a very exciting day!

Baptisms:  We are pleased to offer a full range of baptismal services for infants, older children and adults at your location or ours.  All of our baptisms of children are planned with the parents, and there are no church membership requirements.  We offer both traditional and contemporary Baptism services.

We believe that baptism is first and foremost an opportunity for parents and sponsors to pledge to raise a child in a loving, supportive environment.  Baptisms welcome the child into the family of God and are a public profession of love and concern as well as a recognition that all children are children of God.

Spiritual Direction:  We offer Spiritual Direction services (sometimes called spiritual guidance) as well as spiritual counseling for all people regardless of religious affiliation.  It should be noted that these services are not psychotherapy, but rather focus on the spiritual dimension of life’s challenges.  Our Spiritual Guidance is unique in that it draws on a rich variety of spiritual traditions to develop a holistic spiritual perspective.  If you are seeking a more fulfilling spiritual life – whether your tradition be Christianity, Metaphysics, Eastern Religions and Spiritualities, the New Age Movement, or a combination of the above and more – we are prepared to assist you.  Full sacramental services are also available.

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